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RG-597 — Fixed Guards and Safety Distances — 2009


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This guide main­ly dis­cuss­es the pre­ven­tion of mechan­i­cal haz­ards. It describes meth­ods for elim­i­nat­ing haz­ards at source or for reduc­ing them, as well as ways to pro­tect against them by using fixed guards.
The risk reduc­tion or dis­tance pro­tec­tion prin­ci­ples pre­sent­ed in the guide are gen­er­al and are appro­pri­ate for the major­i­ty of machines. For some machines (for exam­ple, con­vey­ors, met­al press­es, drills, rub­ber machines, etc.), before apply­ing the gener­ic solu­tions pro­posed in this guide, one should con­sult Québec reg­u­la­tions, stan­dards relat­ing to these machines (ISO, CSA, ANSI, etc.), or the tech­ni­cal guides pub­lished by the CSST (such as the guide Sécu­rité des con­voyeurs à cour­roie), or by oth­er orga­ni­za­tions (ASP, INRS, IRSST, etc.), which can pro­vide details on how to ensure the safe­ty of these machines.

This guide is not an exhaus­tive col­lec­tion of solu­tions, but it cov­ers some of the cur­rent­ly known pro­tec­tion prin­ci­ples. For more infor­ma­tion on machine safe­ty, refer to the bib­li­og­ra­phy at the end of the doc­u­ment, or con­sult the Web site:

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