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Compliance InSight Consulting provides expertise on safety requirements of safeguarding systems for your equipment whether it's old or new, in Canada, the USA, or the EU.

We apply the most current machinery safety standards to evaluate the guarding on your equipment.


In Canada, this includes:

*Provided in conjunction with our Engineering Partners.


In the USA, this includes:

ASME B20.1 – Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related equipment

European Union, EFTA & EEC Countries

In the EU, this includes:

Stop Time Testing and Analysis

We also provide Stop-Time Performance Testing – establishing performance data critical in positioning presence-sensing safeguarding devices like light curtains, safety mats, area scanners and two-hand controls. We recommend following ISO 13855, but testing to other stanadards can also be done.

What You Get

Typically, a safeguarding review package includes a Findings Report – outlining the scope, the Acts, Regulations and Standards employed, any controlled documents used as source material (such as mechanical drawings, schematics and manuals), and a detailed list of non-conforming items found during the review. Specific guidance on corrective action(s) is provided as a part of the review, and additional consulting is available to assist designers to apply the requirements. We can also review any safeguarding modifications made based on our Findings Report, and validate the adequacy of the modifications.

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